Portable Wheel Aligner for Truck

HD-30 EasyTouch

Thunder Auto LLP is the authorized dealer of KOCH - ACHSMESSANLAGEN range of products

KOCH-ACHSMESSANLAGEN manufactures since more than 50 years wheel alignment systems. At the beginning the simple mechanical measurement systems were replaced by modern laser wheel alignment systems with best references of well-known vehicle manufactures and more than thousands of work shops in all over the world.

The wheel alignment producer KOCH-ACHSMESSANLAGEN offers a big range of wheel alignment systems which are produced specially for all different kind of vehicles - whether passenger car, van, bus, truck, agricultural machinery, tractor, semi-trailer or trailer. The name Koch-wheel alignment is standing for best quality and service with highest accuracy and guarantee quick and easy handling.

HD-30 EasyTouch

  • Lifting of the vehicle is not necessary – axle in driving condition
  • Easy and quick measurement of all kind of vehicles
  • New inclinometer (digital electronic protractor) for the measurement of camber, castor & KPI
  • Easy mounting by use of new designed measuring heads
  • Measurement of all kind of rims
  • Independent of a special measuring place
  • All measurements within 10 minutes including set-up time
  • Quick measurement of: single toe, camber, castor, KPI, inclination of axles, center position of steering gear, frame measurement
  • Frame of vehicle is used on every measurement
  • 360° turnable laser head with battery
  • The very good price-performance ratio assures a quick amortisation

Additional supply HD-30

  • AL-30
    • semi-trailer measuring system
  • PKW - 30 adapter set
    • for the measurement of cars and vans
  • ZDP extra wheel plates
    • for second steering axle