Transport Dolly

Movable Vehicle Jacks

Movable Vehicle Jacks (Transport Dolly)


Description :

Transport Dolly is a safe tool for easy transfer of immobile vehicles within the shop floor efficiently.
Using Transport Dolly vehicles can be moved

  • Forward
  • Backward and also
  • Side ways
which allows the vehicle to be moved in 360 degrees.

Car can be placed on the transport dolly either from a two post lift or using a Thunder Profimaster Lift. Transport Dolly is rigid and strong enough, as it is fitted with wheels made of UHMW which is Shock resistant, Chemical resistant, Self lubricating and highly resistant to abrasion.

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Area of Application

Mobility of breakdown, Accident prone vehicles

Ease of handling accident prone / Breakdown vehicles from Process to process

Freedom to dead space from accident prone / breakdown cars

Best automation tool for bay productivity

Increases Turn around time by 20 to 30%

Limits human work force intervention