Description :

* The THUNDER Strut Spring Compressor is used to safely compress the coil spring on most cars and SUV.
* The Equipment can move on castors and hence it could be placed very close to the vehicle on which the suspension repair is carried out.
* The machine is fitted with a safety guard to protect.
* The Machine can be separated from the moving column in order to fix the machine on a work bench.
* The Universal adapters provide the possibility to accommodate different models of spring designs.
* The spring compression time is less then 10 seconds and it is supposed to be the fastest and best equipment in the world at a very affordable price.

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  • Model No : THST100M
  • Spring Size : Dia 80 - 200mm
  • Spring Rating Max : 1250 Kg
  • Maximum Working Length : 550 mm
  • Maximum Jacking Height : 340 mm
  • This equipment works on a 240V Single Phase AC power .
  • Powder coated frames and angles for a longer life
  • Heavy duty four Caster wheels for longer life and smooth mobility

Strut Spring Compressor Video