Portable Mobile Car Lift

Thunder Profimaster 3000



Description :

Thunder Profimaster 3000 Universal Jack is a mobile lifting solution, which can be used as single or in systems with 2 0r 4 columns.

The Thunder Profimaster can be used for lifting Car, Off-road Car, SUV and MUVs.

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A. The system consists of a single column, electrical components to be connected only to the user’s power outlet.

B. Electrical Components
1. A single phase motor of 1.1kW at 1440 rpm for 220V (high starting torque).
2. Reversing switch of three poles with a bridge for single-phase installation of 12 amps with return-tozero.
3. Connecting cables:
a. Power feeding cable RV-K 3 x 1.5 mm (2 m long)
b. Connection switch-motor with the cable RV-K 5 x 1 mm (0.50 m long)

C. Attachments – The Components used with this unit to accomplish a variety of uses

Area of Application

Our Thunder Profimaster Vehicle Jack supports the following applicational areas.

Quick Initial Inspection

Insurance Surveys

Suspension Repair

Wheel Rotation

Oil Change

Body Shop Repair

Wheel Servicing

Brake Servicing

Under Body Jobs

Body Polishing

Bottom neon lights fixing

Mounting of reverse sensors

Standard Accessories with the purchase of the lift

Body Clamp

Body Clamp is used in scenarios where you lift the vehicle's that have a running board.

Tyre Fork

A holding device for wheels. Safely and quickly lift almost any vehicle by the tyre front or rear.

Plain Sill Adaptor

Plane Sill adapter to use with body clamp for vehicles without running board or vehicles with plain frame

12" Wheel Adapter

This Adaptor is used in vehicles wheels, where the vehicle wheels RIM Size is R12 or R13