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who we are

THUNDER AUTO LLP is a new name in providing “VEHICLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS MADE EASY” which means vehicle lifting is now completely redefined with a German partnership.Now in India for the first time!

We are the same group who has been in the market known to all as “THUNDER HORN” who introduced car air horns for the first time in India. Here we are with yet another innovative car lifting concept again for the first time in India.

IME-AUTOLIFT, a brand well known in Germany for many years have been in the manufacture of car lifts, truck lifts and train lift for more than 30 years. The company has its Head office at Salzburg / Austria and manufacturing base in Germany and Hungary. IME-Auto lift has sold more than 10000 machines in Europe since the year 2004 when they first invented the concept. Now Auto-lift GmbH and Sundar Enterprises are jointly producing these machines in India with most of the critical parts being imported from Germany.

where can use our products

  • Car Service Centres
  • Body Shops
  • Tyre Shops
  • Car Spa's
  • Accessories Shop

why choose us?

we are expert in

Thunder Profimaster 3000

Thunder Profimaster 3000 Universal Lift is a mobile lifting solution, which can be used as single or in systems with 2 0r 4 columns.

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Transport Dolly

Transport Dolly is a safe tool for easy transfer of immobile vehicles within the shop floor efficiently. Using Transport Dolly vehicles can be moved in 360 degrees.

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Wheel Aligner

KOCH-ACHSMESSANLAGEN manufactures since more than 50 years wheel alignment systems. At the beginning the simple mechanical measurement...

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Strut Spring Compressor

The THUNDER Strut Spring Compressor is used to safely compress the coil spring on most cars and SUV.

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