Portable Mobile Car Lift, Strut Spring Compressor and all other garage equipments

Suitable for

Thunder Profimaster 3000 suitable for the following segments

Car Service Centres

Our Thunder Profimaster Lift and related accessories are designed to suit for all kind of car service centres / Garages

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Body Shops Repair

Thunder Profimaster 3000 is a perfect tools to access the vehicles in different angles for all kinds of body shop works.

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Tyre Shops

A substitute for the manual hydraulic floor jack by our motorised Floor jack for all kinds of tyre shop services.

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Car Spa's / Accessories Shop

Suits for almost every service areas like Foiling, Polishing, Reverse Sensor Mounting and Neon Light fixing etc

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Why Us

Thunder Auto LLP provides Innovative ideas and Products


A very compact design and the total weight of the machine doesn't exceed 85kg.


Current practice allows positioning of vehicle to lift where as our Thunder Profimaster provides a solution to position the lift accordingly to vehicle.

One man operable

Designed to be a one man operational tool which limits the available human work force.

Space Conscious

Requires a very limited Space to operate when compared to the current practiced tools and Easy to relocate.

Plug & Play

No commissioning or installation is required, just plug and use the device once out of the box.

No Maintenance

Designed in a way that overall machine eliminates maintenance when compared to the current industry practiced tools like Oil Maintenance / Frequent spare replacements etc.,

Ease of Handling

As a simple concept our lifting solution to passenger vehicles segment is made easy.

Increased TAT
(Turn Around Time)

Our lift acts as the best automation tools, which increases bay productivity by 20 to 30 percent.

Who We Are

THUNDER AUTO LLP is a new name in providing “VEHICLE LIFTING SOLUTIONS MADE EASY” which means vehicle lifting is now completely redefined with a German partnership. Now in India for the first time!

We are the same group who has been in the market known to all as “THUNDER HORN” who introduced car air horns for the first time in India. Here we are with yet another innovative car lifting concept again for the first time in India.

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